Na`Vi takes Raidcall D2L title in a spectacular game three comeback

Fresh off their Alienware Cup triumph in China, Na’Vi returned to Europe with their new found form and took down Mousesports in three straight games to be crowned the champion of RaidCall Dota 2 League champion. Prior to the grand final, Mousesports captain Troels ‘SyndereN’ Nielsen pointed out that Mousesports had the most severe stats against the Ukrainian team but will regardless, try their best to win the top prize. Regrettably, Mousesports did [Read more…]

eL’Pride folds, Dota 2 team leaves

The eL’Pride organization has crumpled and their previous Dota 2 team has dropped. They will definitely continue playing all together below the name of dk Team Life for upcoming tournaments.   eL’Pride at DreamHack Summer 2013.   Although the team certainly never quite achieved their potential under the eL’Pride banner, they nonetheless can go toe to toe with some of the leading names in the scene as apparent from their deciding match against de mousesports [Read more…]

New patch allows instant spectating for new accounts

shadow demonThis weeks patch has gone live in Dota 2 and has brought with it the opportunity for new clients to watch games before finishing the tutorial, an essential change for the impending International 2013. Also in this weeks patch we get some nice observer changes such as the capacity to see the range of wards when clicking on them. For matchmaking we get lowered waiting times and for competitive [Read more…]

EIZO Cup Brackets Released

The qualifiers for the EIZO Cup are over and the brackets have been engaged, with matches commencing today, July 27th at 18:00 CEST and will proceed tomorrow at the same time, with the team rivaling for a part of the 1,750 EUR prizepool.   Schedule and Grid Saturday (27.07.): 18:00 – Main Round 1 – bo3 21:00 – Quarterfinals – bo3 Sunday (28.07.): 18:00 – Semifinals – bo3 21:00 – Grand Final – bo3.

EIZO Cup #6 Has Concluded

The sixth installment of the EIZO Cup concluded late last night after a finals among former champions eu Kaipi and ua iCCup in which it was determined who would be the first ever team to assert the 1,250 EUR first prize for a second time over. The only slight wonder of the first round was the loss of ru RoX. KiS at the hands of dk Team Life (formerly eL’Pride), who in turn were eliminated by ru Team Empire in the second round. Also going out in the second round [Read more…]

EMS One Fall 2013 announced

ems2011The calm after the storm of The International 2013 is drawing to a close with not simply having Eizo Cup just kicking off but also ESL declaring their third season of DOTA 2 events, the ESL Major Series One Fall 2013. Similar to the last editions, the tournament will have numerous steps of competitions resulting in an ultimate clash at the LAN Event with a prize [Read more…]

Mini leaves Team Life

mini leavesSwedish player se Hampus ‘Mini’ Olsson, previously of se Pulse eSports and se QPAD Red Pandas has decided to part ways with dk Team Life due to personal reasons, right after two months of playing together. Mini wished his former teammates ‘good luck’ in their game in EIZO Cup via Twitter today, which roused rumors regarding Mini joining a new team [Read more…]

EMS One Fall Cup # 1 found a Winner

ems 1Yesterday the very first of four cups of the ESL Major Series One 2013 Fall Season has been played out. The Winner not only receives 500EUR but also qualifies straight for the groupstages, where they will attempt to place top four to book a ticket for the seasonal Lan Finals The following team to certify will be the winner of the second Cup, which will kick off next Monday, [Read more…]

iceiceice on DK

iceiceiceDK has just announced their fifth and final player. The winner of The International 1v1 solo championship, sg Daryl ‘iceiceice’ Koh will take the last position on DK roster, making DK rather an international team with players form three different nationality. Since The International concluded, Zenith has been in a limbo due to four members leaving the team due to different reasons, making iceiceice the lone member on Zenith. [Read more…]

Na’Vi invited to the EMS One Groupstage

Moments ago it was released on the EMS One Facebook Page, that Natus Vincere will close the series of invites to the groupstage, that will kick off on the 30th of September. There, they will get to face se The Alliance, mousesports as well as DK Flip. Sid3 Tactics, who certified by winning one of the four cups for the fight over a $39,000 prize pool. The team around Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov was not able to participate in the Summer Season due to their bootcamp in China. [Read more…]