Radiant Intelligence

Keeper of the Light

keeper of the lightThe Keeper of the Light is a power grown sentient in the dawn of the universe. Ezalor; Master of light and mana manipulation was once viewed as an intellectual regarded by many as an authoritative mentor. Regrettably after his defection and disloyalty of his allies during the War of the Magi, he was banished to the spirit realm for all of eternity. Now Ezalor carries his duties [Read more…]


chenBorn in the godless Hazhadal Barrens, Chen came of age among the fugitive tribes who sort a way of life in the glistening heat of the desert. Using an ancient form of animal magnetism, Chen’s people partnered the hardy desert locuthi, a stunted species of burrowing dragon that liquefied desert sands into tubes of glass where twice-a-year rains collected. [Read more…]


enchantressAiushtha appears to be a naive, childlike, and carefree individual of the woods, and while this is unquestionably true, it is hardly her complete story. She understands the suffering of the natural world. She has roamed far, and experienced forests of all kinds, in every climate and every season, meeting friends, sharing news, conveying laughter and healing on her travels. For in worlds ravaged by war, [Read more…]


windrunnerThe western woods defend their secrets well. One of these is Lyralei, master archer of the forest and preferred godchild of the wind. Known now as Windrunner, Lyralei’s loved ones were killed in a gale on the evening of her birth– their home blown down by the gale, contents scattered to the winds. Just the newborn survived among the debris in the field of death and destruction. [Read more…]


disruptorFar above the ground on the wind-desolated steppes of Druud, a talented young stormcrafter called Disruptor was the first to release the secrets of the summer squalls. Invariablely under assault from both seasonal storms and infringement from sophisticated kingdoms to the South, the upland Oglodi have for centuries resisted to live atop the infinite tablelands. They are the fractured relic [Read more…]

Storm Spirit

storm spiritStorm Spirit is literally a force of nature–the wild power of wind and weather, bottled in human form. In addition, an animated, jovial, wild form it is! As jolly as a favourite uncle, he injects every scene with crackling energy. However, it was not always so and there was heartbreak in his creation. Generations ago, in the plains away from the Wailing Mountains, a good people lay starving in drought and famine. [Read more…]

Crystal Maiden

crystal maidenBorn in a temperate realm, raised with her intense older sister Lina, Rylai the Crystal Maiden soon ascertained that her innate affinity to ice created problems for all those around her. Wellsprings and mountain rivers froze in seconds if she stopped to rest nearby; ripened crops would by frostbitten, and orchards of fruit turned to ice and spoiled. When their exasperated [Read more…]

Shadow Shaman

shadow shamanBorn in the Bleeding Hills, Rhasta was just a hungry youngling when picked up by a travelling con man. For two pins of copper, the old con man would tell your destiny. For three, he would castrate your pig, for five, he would circumcise your sons. For a good meal, he would put on his shaman garb, read from his primeval books, and lay a curse upon your enemies. His weird new youngling, [Read more…]

Centaur Warrunner

centaurIt is said that a centaur’s path is covered with the corpses of the fallen. For the one called Warrunner, it has been a long thoroughfare indeed. To outsiders, the four-legged clans of Druud are frequently misguided for simple, brutish creatures. Their dialogue has no written form; their society lacks pictorial traditions, creation of music, celebrated religion. For centaurs, war is the perfect [Read more…]


rubickAny mage can transmit a spell or two, and a only some may even study a sufficient amount to become a wizard, but only the most gifted are allowed to be distinguished as a Magus. Yet as with any sorcerer’s circle, a sense of society has never promised competitive civility.

Already a renowned duellist and scholar of the magnificent world of sorcery, it had never [Read more…]