Na’Vi invited to the EMS One Groupstage

Moments ago it was released on the EMS One Facebook Page, that Natus Vincere will close the series of invites to the groupstage, that will kick off on the 30th of September. There, they will get to face se The Alliance, mousesports as well as DK Flip. Sid3 Tactics, who certified by winning one of the four cups for the fight over a $39,000 prize pool. The team around Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov was not able to participate in the Summer Season due to their bootcamp in China. Nonetheless the request comes as no surprise, since they placed second at the International Championship 2013 and are the Champions of the EMS One Spring Season. Thinking about the disclaimed the rumors about upcoming roster changes, Na’vi will be one of the faves to take home this seasons’ win. No other team has shaped the Western Dota 2 community as much as Natus Vincere. Since many years, the Ukrainians compete on the highest possible level, as proven by their participation in all three The International grand final.