EMS One Fall Cup # 1 found a Winner

ems 1Yesterday the very first of four cups of the ESL Major Series One 2013 Fall Season has been played out. The Winner not only receives 500EUR but also qualifies straight for the groupstages, where they will attempt to place top four to book a ticket for the seasonal Lan Finals The following team to certify will be the winner of the second Cup, which will kick off next Monday, 09th of September. The first cup caused very little surprises. Since both  Fnatic. eu and Virtus. Pro chose to not take part, the Danes from dk Flip. Sid3 Tactics were dealt with as the certain favorites, and manged to live up to hopes as they defeat the new lineup of  Team Empire without any larger problems. The Russians currently struggled in the semi-finals where they battled a very close battle against fi Team Menace (ex-Rat in the dark). Since Flip. Sid3 advances directly to the groupstage, Empire is for now leading the Season Ranking, followed by the Finns and the players from rs One (ex- Infernity. Rs).