Na`Vi takes Raidcall D2L title in a spectacular game three comeback

Fresh off their Alienware Cup triumph in China, Na’Vi returned to Europe with their new found form and took down Mousesports in three straight games to be crowned the champion of RaidCall Dota 2 League champion. Prior to the grand final, Mousesports captain Troels ‘SyndereN’ Nielsen pointed out that Mousesports had the most severe stats against the Ukrainian team but will regardless, try their best to win the top prize. Regrettably, Mousesports did not carry out well against Na’Vi’s super aggressive strategy, going down their first two games in two twenty minutes game. Mousesports started game three with a large lead and a better draft to divide push Na’Vi but a fatal mistake on a teamfight turned the game around and things finished extremely swiftly for the Germans. For accomplishing second in the third season of Raidcall D2L, Mousesports claim $3,000 in cash while the champions from Ukraine will head to Seattle next month, $5,000 richer.