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How to become a Better Dota Player

batriderAs the popularity of Defense of the Ancients increases, a massive amount of new players of Dota 2 are coming in. The new players, at first may find the game to be fun and exciting, but at the same time find the game extremely difficult to learn. What frequently happens is that you reach a plateau and you don’t see or feel any improvement in your game. The more games you play, and the more guides you read, has little affect on your progress to higher levels This position is quite common amongst beginners. [Read more…]

Strategy for DotA

rubickThe basic principle of using a mind game strategy is to plan your game play in such a way that you are able to trick your opponent into doing what you want them to do. This is done by creating the illusion that your opponent can win by taking specific actions, or predicting your opponents actions in order to have a good response prepared. In order to play this DotA strategy correctly you will need to be able to think and act quickly. [Read more…]

Hero Selection For Beginners

crystal maidenSelecting the right hero is vital and making a bad choice can result in a bad game. If you are a beginner it can be particularly confusing to make a good choice. The fact that there are so many heroes to choose from makes the task even more difficult. Choosing wrongly can leave your team at a disadvantage and give your opponents the edge. A hero with a good skill set is a necessity, however if you are a beginner you will also need to take into consideration your abilities and choose a hero that is easy for you to use. [Read more…]

Mechanics in DotA

The Mechanics of Dota 2 explain the internal workings of the game. These are fundamentals that are not necessary to play or even play well, but it may enhance a player’s understanding of Dota 2 and give them a greater opportunity to improve their play.   There are eight types of mechanics in the Defense of the Ancient (DOTA2)   The Eight Mechanics are: Selecting a unit Moving selected unit  Attacking  Using an item  Casting a spell  Buying an item from base [Read more…]

Dire Intelligence Heroes

lionThe Warcraft III Defense of the Ancients game is one of the most played games all over the world. This game is so big that there are yearly competitions for the games. Because of how famous the game is, a lot of people are interested in knowing more about the game and how they can improve their skills. There are two factions in the game and these are the Sentinel (Radiant*) and the Scourge(Dire*). Each faction has its own set of heroes and these heroes have skills based on their main attribute [Read more…]

How to Play Intelligence and Agility Radiant

zuusDOTA online tournaments are always tricky for Sentinel players, but what is even trickier is figuring out a particular technique for a particular game. Of the different techniques online, among the most difficult to use are those that involve high intelligence and high agility Sentinel heroes.

This is because intelligence heroes, regardless of whether they’re part of the Scourge or the Sentinels, require a lot of attention. Most of their skills are not passive, and you will need [Read more…]

Agility Hero Strategy

phantom lancerWarcraft III has created one of the best games ever in the form of Defense of the Ancients. This game is played by having a player choose a specific hero and they defend their bases. Each hero has its own unique skill which makes the game very challenging. You have to come up with strategies to help you win the game because each hero is different and you will have to learn to exploit the weaknesses of the specific hero to win the game. One of the best agility heroes in Warcraft III DOTA is the Phantom Lancer. [Read more…]

DotA Tactics and Strategy Tips

And How to use Dota Keys The primarily focus of the Defense of the Ancient tactics and strategy tips are on hero building. Heroes acquire abilities and strength through purchases with gold, so acquiring gold becomes the principal goal. DOTA Heroes gain gold by killing or destroying enemy assets or personnel, in particular by killing creeps. So gaining gold is can be quite complex. The last hit gains the gold so timing is essential! [Read more…]

Diversity in the Roles You Play in your Team

In DotA 2, you can easily play many various functions within your group. Some players like to be wiping out devices, playing Carries and Gankers while others like to operate behind the scenes playing as a Help or Initiator. In this DotA 2 guide, I will certainly be covering all the various sorts of functions available to play in DotA 2.   Carry The carry is called that since he should literally hold the entire group on his spine throughout the late stages of the game. To play an effective [Read more…]

Dota 2: Basic Guide

dark seerDotA is a match concerning teamwork, getting encounter, and gaining gold. Ultimately, you want to destroy the opponent team’s throne. The throne is deep inside their foundation and to obtain there, you need to oppress adversary creeps, adversary towers, and adversary heroes. There are basic units (creeps) generated every 30 secs from each of the 3 lanes. For most of the match, there are 3 melee creeps and 1 ranged creep. Routinely a Launch is included, [Read more…]