EMS One Fall 2013 announced

ems2011The calm after the storm of The International 2013 is drawing to a close with not simply having Eizo Cup just kicking off but also ESL declaring their third season of DOTA 2 events, the ESL Major Series One Fall 2013. Similar to the last editions, the tournament will have numerous steps of competitions resulting in an ultimate clash at the LAN Event with a prize pool of $39,000. The Cups To certify for the next stage, the teams compete again in four weekly cups beginning from the 2nd of September. Nevertheless, there are a few modifications to the system. On the one hand, the amount of engaging teams was decreased to only a dozen in order to present some intenese matches, on the other hand this permits more teams to join the competition from the ESL A-Series, which is open to everyone. Invited Teams for the Cups mousesports fnatic Infernity aAa (ex-Img). dargoneblaydes. Flip. Sid3 Tactics. Team Menace. Schedule.