Dire Agility


venomancerIn the Acid Jungles of Jidi Isle, venom runs in the veins and gurgles in the guts of every living thing that scurries climbs or swoops between luminous vines oozing with acid sap. Yet even in this toxic menagerie, Venomancer is recognized as the most venomous. Ages ago, an Herbalist named Lesale crossed the Bay of Fradj by coracle, exploring for potent essences that might be extracted from bark and [Read more…]

Phantom Assassin

phantom assassinThrough a practice of foretelling, the Sisters of the Veil, an order that considers murder a sanctified part of the natural order, select children for upbringing. The Veiled Sisters recognize targets through meditation and oracular expressions. They accept no treaties, and never seem to hunt targets for political or mercenary motives. Their killings bear no relation to any identifiable agenda, and [Read more…]


medusaBeauty is power. This contemplation reassured Medusa–the youngest and loveliest of three fine-looking Gorgon sisters, born to a sea goddess–because she and no one else of the sisters were mortal. It consoled her, that is, until the day masked attackers invaded the Gorgon dominion and hauled the two immortal sisters from their home, indifferent to [Read more…]

Shadow Fiend

nevermoreIt is said that Nevermore the Shadow Fiend has the spirit of a poet, and in fact, he has thousands of them. Over the ages, he has claimed the souls of rhymesters, clerics, emperors, tramps, slaves, academics, criminals, and (naturally) heroes; no sort of soul escapes him. What he does with them is mysterious. No one has ever looked closely into the Abysm whence [Read more…]


bloodseekerStrygwyr the Bloodseeker is a ritually endorsed hunter, Hound of the Flayed Twins, sent down from the mist-covered peaks of Xhacatocatl in exploration of blood. The Flayed Ones need vast amounts of blood to keep them satisfied and soothed, and would soon deplete their mountain empire of its populace if the priests of the high plateaus did not pacify them. Strygwyr therefore goes out [Read more…]


meepo“If you ask me, life is all about whom you know and what you can find. When you live up in the Riftshadow Ruins, just finding food can be dangerous. So you need to cut corners, you need to scrounge; you need to know your strong points. Some of the beasts up there can destroy you, so you need a way to ambush the weak and avoid the strong. On the positive aspect, the ruins have history, and history is [Read more…]

Faceless Void

faceless voidDarkterror the Faceless Void is a sightseer from Claszureme, a region outside of time. It continues to be a mystery why this being from another dimension believes the struggle for the Nemesis Stones is worth penetrating our physical plane, but it appears that, a disturbance in the balance of power in this world has consequences in adjacent dimensions. Time means nothing to Darkterror, except as a way to frustrate his [Read more…]

Nyx Assassin

nyx assassinNerubian Assassin or Nyx Assassin is one of the heroes of the Defense of The Ancient. Resurrected by the Lich King Ner’zhul, who promised him eternal undeath in exchange for his unswerving loyalty, his affiliation is with the scourge.  So whether you are playing for casually or in competition, the Nerubian assassin can be a deadly asset. The Nerubian Assassin was a special transformation, guided by [Read more…]


viperViper was confined by a vicious wizard who had hoped to tame him, yet he was inquisitive and pleased to have been sprung from the closed and unchanging subterranean of  Nether Reaches, where his race had lived for millions of years, after tectonic spillage had sealed off the Netherdrakes. In luminous caverns Viper spent  time appearing to tender to the wizard’s confinement’s, hoping to be taught what [Read more…]


razorRazor the Lightning Revenant is a ranged position-based agility tank/carry that utilizes his capacities to deal large damages in a relatively short amount of time, ferret out the fleeing injured with his speed, and bring upon debuffs on much more highly effective opponents. Razor prefers to keep his position or kite his opponents enabling his spells to release its full potential. Known for being one of the Anti-carry heroes, Razor concentrates [Read more…]