Radiant Intelligence


silencerPart of the seventh and ultimate generation of a precisely designed pedigree, Nortrom was bred by the ancient order of the Aeol Drias to be the supreme magic user the world had ever seen. He was the prophesy, the zenith of two-hundred years of vigilant pairings, a war-mage who would bring magnificence to the order, and annihilation to their sworn enemies, The Knights of the Fold. [Read more…]


tinkerBoush the Tinker’s miniature people are known for their cleverness, astuteness and a course relationship with magic. As a matter of pride, they stay alive by their wits, and apply only those powers of nature that may be released through rational processes. Even this patience has led to a huge deal of trouble, as Boush can confirm. Once a major investigator of natural law, [Read more…]


puckWhile Puck gives the impression of being a mischievous, juvenile creature, this quality disguises an unknown personality. The childish form of a Faerie Dragon, an individual that lives for eons, Puck spends countless millennia in its childlike form. Therefore, while it is practically true that Puck is juvenile, it will continue to be so when the cities of the current age have marched away into dust. [Read more…]


zuusNoble Lord of Heaven, father of gods, Zeus cares for all the Heroes as if they were his own excitable, rebellious children. After being caught too many times in the midst of rendezvous with numerous mortal women, his celestial wife finally gave him an ultimatum: ‘If you love mortals so much, go and become one. If you can prove yourself faithful, then come back to me as my everlasting husband. [Read more…]

Ogre Magi

ogre magiThe commonplace ogre is the creature for whom the phrase ‘As dumb as a bag of rock hammers’ was lay claim to. In his ordinary state, an ogre is incapable of doing or deciding anything. Covered in dirt, he sometimes finds himself inadvertently draped in animal skins after eating lane kill. Not a particularly social creature, he is often found affectionately sorting with the boulders or tree-stumps, [Read more…]


jakiroEven among supernatural beasts, a twin-headed dragon is a rare. Equal parts ice and fire, shrewdness and rage, the creature known as Jakiro flies over charred and ice-bound battlefields destroying any who would bear arms against it. Pyrexae dragon clutches always contain two fledglings. Renowned for their ferociousness even from the first moments of life, newly [Read more…]

Nature’s Prophet

furionWhen Verodicia, deity of the Woods, had come to an end of filling in the green places. Having placed in the ground the coiled-up spirit in the seed, having lured the twining waters from deep within the rock, having affirmed the sun its full attention to the growing things. Verodicia realized that her own time had reached its end. Like the destiny she had imprinted in the seed, [Read more…]


linaThe sibling competitions in between Lina the Slayer, and her more youthful sibling Rylai, the Crystal Maiden, were the stuff of legend in the pleasant area where they spent their quarrelsome childhoods together. Lina constantly had the advantage; nevertheless, for while Crystal was naive and guileless, Lina’s fiery ardor was stiffened by cleverness and conniving. As the earliest, Lina was [Read more…]