puckWhile Puck gives the impression of being a mischievous, juvenile creature, this quality disguises an unknown personality. The childish form of a Faerie Dragon, an individual that lives for eons, Puck spends countless millennia in its childlike form. Therefore, while it is practically true that Puck is juvenile, it will continue to be so when the cities of the current age have marched away into dust. Its reasons are for that reason inscrutable, and what appears to be play may in fact conceal a darker intention. Its endless affection for tomfoolery is the true gauge of Puck’s true character.   ABILITIES   Illusory Orb Puck launches magic orb that floats in a straight path, damaging enemy units along the way. At any point, Puck may teleport to the orb’s location using Ethereal Jaunt. The playful Faerie Dragon delights in confusing others, vanishing, and reappearing where unexpected.