tinkerBoush the Tinker’s miniature people are known for their cleverness, astuteness and a course relationship with magic. As a matter of pride, they stay alive by their wits, and apply only those powers of nature that may be released through rational processes. Even this patience has led to a huge deal of trouble, as Boush can confirm. Once a major investigator of natural law, Boush the Tinker led a scholarly exploration into the workings of nature. Founding a secret laboratory in the rumoured, misty wastes of the Violet Plateau. While ridiculing mages for the menace they inflict upon the world, Boush and his Tinker colleagues arrogantly pull open a gateway to some realm beyond conception and escorted in some nightmares of their own. A black mist rose from the cavernous centre of the Violet Plateau, cloaking it in permanent darkness from which sounds of terror continuously radiate.