linaThe sibling competitions in between Lina the Slayer, and her more youthful sibling Rylai, the Crystal Maiden, were the stuff of legend in the pleasant area where they spent their quarrelsome childhoods together. Lina constantly had the advantage; nevertheless, for while Crystal was naive and guileless, Lina’s fiery ardor was stiffened by cleverness and conniving. As the earliest, Lina was sent much southern to live with a client aunt in the scorching Desert of Misrule, an environment that proved additional compared to comfortable for the fiery Slayer.



lina dragon slave

Dragon Slave

In the scorched barren of Misrule, Lina learned to manipulate the fiery breath of the Desert Wyrm as a form of entertainment. Lina channels the breath of a dragon, sending out a wave of fire that scorches every enemy in its path.



Mana Cost: 90/105/125/140
Cooldown: 8.50
Ability: Unit Target, Point Target
Damage: Magical
Damage: 100 / 170 / 230 / 280


lina light strike array

Light Strike Array

Lina’s essence allows her to focus the sun’s energies, causing air to combust at will. Dancing flames embody Lina’s playful nature, bringing out her true blazing self.Summons a column of flames that damages and stuns enemies.


Mana Cost: 90/100/110/125
Ability: Point Target
Damage: Magical Damage: 90 / 150 / 210 / 280
Radius: 225 Cast Delay: 0.5
Stun Duration: 1.6

lina fiery soul

Fiery Soul

Dancing flames embody Lina’s playful nature, bringing out her true blazing self. Grants bonus attack and movement speed each time Lina casts a spell. Stacks with itself. Lasts 7 seconds..


Ability: Passive
Attack Speed Bonus: 40 / 55 / 70 / 85
Move Speed Bonus: 4% / 5% / 6% / 7%
Max Stacks: 3


lina laguna blade

Laguna Blade

The air around Lina becomes so intensely torrid that it scorches a foe that comes too close with white-hot lightning. Fires off a bolt of lightning at a single enemy unit, dealing massive damage. Upgradable with Aghanim’s Scepter.


Mana Cost: 280/420/680
Cooldown: 70/60/50
Ability: Unit Target
Affects: Enemy Units
Damage: Magical
Damage : 450 / 675 / 950
Scepter Range: 900 / 900 / 900
Scepter Damage: 600 / 925 / 1250