Ways to Prepare for a DOTA Event

lycanDota Tournaments are exciting because the game itself is balanced particularly since Ice Frog has actually made many adjustments. This is a conflict of decision manufacturing and abilities. These two vital points and the observing are items you should improve to win most of your Dota matches and events.   Learn your successful play style In Dota Competition matches, you do not have time to be thinking about exactly what play style you ought to have. There is no time for test and error. You must believe in your techniques, what jobs and what meets the needs of your group. If you go out there and play differently from your technique games, the only possibility of winning is luck. You need to trust your techniques and yourself. Yes, you are dealing with opponents that are more powerful but do not be frightened. Stay with your developed game style and just do with your A-game. Lead if you are the LEADER