Update: The Staff Cup is back!

staff cupThe fourth version of the Staff cup planned by de ‘Kibyu’ is just around the corner. This Friday October 4th it is time to shine for those, that normally work behind the scenes: casters, team managers, editors, tournament admins and several others, who volunteer their free time. 16 teams will join the entertaining competition, that will kick off 17:30 CEST. While most teams will give first-person streams, anyone interested in streaming is free to do so. The tournament includes a group stage followed by a Single-Elimination play-off bracket for the win. There will be four groups containing of four teams each. Only the two best team of each group advances to the playoffs. Besides the best-of-three grand final, all games will be best-of-one and contrary to the last edition, game mode for all matches will be the classic captains mode. It is yet to be announced, who will play for the joinDOTA team, that so far only showed unsatisfying performances.