Troll Warlord

troll warlordIt is a simple thing to insult a troll. A bristly and contentious race, trolls flourish on disagreement and conflict, missing no reason to raise their voices in argument. Males grow to maturity in subterranean compartments beneath their matriarch’s residence, feeding and amusing themselves while contributing zilch. Often they stay for years beyond the age of maturity, while the matriarch provides them with nourishment. When young trolls are pushed from their sub-chamber, they congregate with others of their kind, forming roving mobs of malcontents who protest loudly about all manner of annoyance. As much as trolls love to argue, imagine how extraordinary it is for a troll to be driven from his own kind for being too complicated to get along with. Such was Jah’rakal’s outcome, a monger troll from deep in the Hoven. So deluded was he, so acidic and abrasive, that even other trolls found his companionship intolerable.