The International Compendium Evolves

inline compendium 2013DOTA 2 Guides  When we first presented the Interactive Compendium, we wished it would be something that Dota players would be interested in. Quickly afterwards, we were forced to admit we underrated the community’s reaction to it. Upon reflection, we decided that the community was clearly sending us a message– so we spent the next two months adding more features to the Compendium. With the International just three weeks away, we thought we ‘d cover some of the things we’ve added. If the last time you looked within the Compendium was back when it first shipped, we hope you find some of these enhancements entertaining. The International Fantasy Challenge Assemble a fantasy team of players from those attending The International. As they play in the tournament, your fantasy team will obtain points. At the conclusion of the tournament, each of your dream teams will acquire you an item based on its performance. The in-game UI tracks the points earned by your fantasy players.