RaidCall D2L Playoffs

The playoffs of the 2nd period of RaidCall Dota 2 Organization kicked off today, along with Team Empire tackling Team Liquid in addition to Fnatic. EU against Team Dignitas. The day was capped off by the losers of both of these matches going up against each other in the losers bracket, along with only area for one of the groups to remain in the competitors. The three groups that advance in the competition will certainly use tomorrow, starting along with the Winner’s Bracket Finals at 19:00 CEST. Group Empire vs. Group Liquid In the very first competition of the set, Liquid went with an offending trilane, which they wound up losing in no small part because of excellent plays by Empire’s Captain Artur ‘Goblak’ Kostenko on Earthshaker, always finding those well timed Fissures. As Empire also had Roman ‘Shame’ Sadotenkov on Clinkz destroying points in mid street, they were set to dominate the map between part of the game, with complimentary farm on their Gyrocopter.