Queen of Pain

queenofpainThe Ecclesiast-King of Elze nurtured a desire for pain–illicit pain. In a less well-known political figure, such aspirations might be considered unwise, but in a ruler of his stature, to satisfy such desires would have endangered the virtue of the Divine Throne itself. Therefore, he turned to his dungeon full of demonologists, promising liberty to whoever could beckon a personal succubus of suffering and bind it completely to his service. The creature who arrived, Akasha by name, visited upon him such superb torments that he named her his Secret Queen, and he began to spend all his additional moments submitting to her intelligent tortures–finally abdicating all his responsibilities in his quest of the painful pleasures that only she could bring. Queen of Pain could bring him to the threshold of death, but she was rune-bound to keep him alive. At last, the King’s disregard of state brought on an uprising. He was dragged from his chamber and hurled from the Tower of Invocations.