Phantom Lancer

phantom lancerThe secluded village of Pole had no awareness of the wars raging in the kingdom. For them, the calm of fishing, and a family meal were all that a full life involved. Yet conflict came for them nonetheless. Joining the able-bodied draftees as they filed passed their homes, the unassuming lancer Azwraith guaranteed to bring peace to his kingdom, and in so doing, his people. Situated with his kin in the forefront of the final assault against the Dread Magus Vorn, the cost to his fellows was absolute. As the charging force melee toward the citadel, Azwraith alone among his kind remained standing, and he alone was able to penetrate the keep. Focused and incensed by the massacre of his brothers, Azwraith surpassed each of the wizard’s deadly traps and invoked guardians. Soon the uncomplicated angler reaches his destination at Vorn’s tower chamber. The pair duelled through the night, pike to staff, as pandemonium raged below, and with a riotous cry, Azwraith pierced his enemy.