Netolic Pro League 4th Edition (WEST)

netolicJust below a month after the outcome of Season 3, Netolic Pro League has declared its 4th Season of play to take place on October 7th. Eight of the strongest teams in the west have already been invited to play for a prize pool of $15,000. dk Team Life are the returning champions of Season 3 and will make their way into a realm of tough competition. The Eight teams will face off in Round Robin, Best of 3 play till November 10th. Playoffs will then commence on November 16th with the Grand Finals to be held on the 20th. Here is what makes this tournament unique from the others: After each week of group play, the best team will receive an extra $1,000. This makes sure that the teams will want to provide top quality performances and makes sure that there will never be a slow point during group play. Every single match counts. Coverage will be delivered in English by myself, us Kyle ‘Ever’ Canary, along with my female co-caster, us April ‘ProveAttitude’ Iverson, as well as ca Gavin.