Lone Druid

lone druidBefore the olden times gone by, there emerged the druidic Bear Clan. Wise and righteous they were, and centered in their ways to seek an understanding of the natural order. The superior forces of nature saw this, and so sought after the most scholarly among them. Wise old Sylla, clan justiciar and seer, marched forward for his kin, and to him was given the Seed with these words: ‘When all of the world has dimmed, when civilization has left these lands, when the world is damaged by the endless deserts at the end of ages, plant the Seed.’ As he seized his trust, Sylla felt his years recede and his vitality returned. Vast understanding and knowledge burst into his mind. He found himself able to project his resolve into reality and, with some concentration, change his own physical form as well. Yet delicate whispers and cruel ears brought word of the Seed and its influence to other peoples, and a horrible war collided upon the Bear Clan.