LGD. cn claims gold in GEST The Challenge September

gest the challenge bannerIt only required LGD. cn four games to get gold in GEST The Challenge as they mow through Mineski and Vici Gaming in an one-sided affair. Starting off the day with Mineski, LGD. cn had no issues eliminating the Pinoy pride, taking them down rapidly with Lifestealer in both games. LGD. cn also employed an offlane Elder Titan in game one, a strat that is definitely catching on in the Chinese scene recently. At the same time, Titan, comprised of former Orange players, struggled versus Vici Gaming who seems to have hit their stride recently. Vici Gaming spared no time in dispatching Titan in game one and finished game two in 21 minutes. Yee Fung ‘Mushi’ Chai’s replacement Ice did not play anywhere close to the skill level of the departed, getting picked off on its own many times in the games. With both the South East Asian teams removed, LGD. cn took on Vici Gaming in the best-of-three grand final. LGD. cn did not have too much problem going up versus Jun Hao ‘Super’ Xie’s Dragon Knight.