How Pro DOTA Players Think

chenI started from being an ultra noob user and kept the very same for nearly 2 years. It altered after I started seeing Pro DotA players play. The initial professional group I checked out was our local ph group, Movement. I wondered about a whole lot! Why chen? Why examination of faith? Just how do the holds farm around 1400 in 5 moments? Just what time did they begin driving? I was so interested on everything! It sought checking out professional dota player’s match when I, with my very own group, started dominating in DotA setting. Then, I started watching intercontinental replays. MYM and Virtus. Pro made me discover that there are other approaches compared to Chen Sven QOP Lich Bristleback and some other team movement heroes. I tried to dig into each player’s minds I was so curious just what they are thinking of in the past and throughout the match. I recognize the only method to enhance my skills greatly is to change my understanding of Dota and have a Pro-like attitude.