How to Play Intelligence and Agility Radiant

zuusDOTA online tournaments are always tricky for Sentinel players, but what is even trickier is figuring out a particular technique for a particular game. Of the different techniques online, among the most difficult to use are those that involve high intelligence and high agility Sentinel heroes.

This is because intelligence heroes, regardless of whether they’re part of the Scourge or the Sentinels, require a lot of attention. Most of their skills are not passive, and you will need to be quick with your fingers if you want to master their abilities.

Likewise, high agility heroes are like glass daggers. They have very powerful attacks, but are also very fragile. So if you do decide to use these heroes for a game, you better know their strengths and weaknesses beforehand. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like a noob.

Although Scourge players face the same problems as their Sentinel counterparts, many DOTA players do point out that Sentinel agility and intelligence heroes are more challenging. This is because some players believe that intelligence and agility scourge characters are more powerful the their Sentinel counterparts, if they met on equal terms, whereas Agility sen
tinel heroes tend to require better equipment than their counterparts on the scourge. So considering the strengths and weaknesses of high agility and high intelligence Sentinel heroes, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into.

What You Can Expect From Intelligence Sentinel Heroes


A third of all the heroes on DOTA can be classified as Intelligence heroes. They are characterized by ability spamming and early game dominance. Of course, the diversity of skills ultimately means that there are all kinds of Intelligence heroes, each one of which requires a different strategy in order to make them effective.
Ganking and creeps for example is crucial for some Sentinel heroes, like the Holy Knight. In contrast, another high intelligence hero, Rylai Crestfall, is only useful because of her two spells, which means that she’s only good for ganking. Aside from those two spells, she doesn’t offer much in the way of versatility.
In terms of equipment, it’s best to equip high intelligence heroes with items, like Hood of Defiance, Arcane Ring and Kelen’s Dagger. Unlike their Scourge counterparts, most high intelligence characters are slightly weaker at the later parts of the game. As such, it’s important for sentinel players to learn the importance of playing a support role.

What You Can Expect from Agility Sentinel Heroes

In contrast to the diverse lineup offered by Intelligence Sentinels, Agility heroes are usually characterized by high mobility coupled with extremely high damage. They also have powerful passive abilities and high stats. In this regard, you won’t have to worry about managing your different skills.

What you will need to worry about though is avoiding damage. Although Agility heroes can take quite a bit of punishment at the start of the game, they can become very vulnerable later on. If you can master that then inflicting damage will be a lot easier, and you can very well win the game for your team.
A few good examples of Agility Sentinel heroes include Clinkz, Morphling and the Templar Assassin. Sentinel Agility heroes usually more than a match for their scourge counterparts, but they still need some good equipment in order to make them truly powerful.
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