How to become a Better Dota Player

batriderAs the popularity of Defense of the Ancients increases, a massive amount of new players of Dota 2 are coming in. The new players, at first may find the game to be fun and exciting, but at the same time find the game extremely difficult to learn. What frequently happens is that you reach a plateau and you don’t see or feel any improvement in your game. The more games you play, and the more guides you read, has little affect on your progress to higher levels This position is quite common amongst beginners.  Even after many serious games and a great deal of practice, players may still feel jammed in the lower gaming levels, without understanding  why they aren’t improving. It may be that you’re not in fact being practicing the right way. At the start, playing matches will get you to a certain level, but as you try to push yourself into higher levels, just playing games will not be enough. This is the time when practice is vital. And not just any type of practice.