EMS One Group A results

ems oneGroup A of the Raidcall EMS One Fall Season is drawing to its end. The International 2013 runner-up Na’Vi succeeded to defeat Fnatic in a very effective fashion 2-0 and is the first out of eight teams that qualified themselves for the Lan Finals. The boys from Fnatic nevertheless still have a chance of booking their ticket to the battle over a $35,000 prize pool by triumphing their game versus rs ONE tonight 20 CEST. The results of the matches look very one sided, but some of the games were a lot better than you would envision. While Na’Vi just outmatched Fnatic in the first game, they made it a lot harder for Na’Vi in the second one. On the back of ¬†Adrian ‘Era’ Kryeziu’sMorphling alongside ¬†Johan N0tail Sundstein on the Wisp, they managed to find good pick-offs and showed amazing escapes. However, Danil ‘Dendi’ Ishutin’s Templar Assasin just became too big to handle.