Dota Map

dota mapIt is a large square with bases at opposite corners. Connecting the two bases is three lanes, and along those three lanes run groups of computer-controlled creatures called creeps. These creeps spawn at regular intervals. Working simultaneously from both bases the creeps will run into each other in the middle of each lane. You fight alongside them, ideally allowing them to press on further into enemy territory, eventually opening up the way into the enemy base to destroy their ancient and win the game. Pushing into an enemy base is difficult, though. Each team has friendly towers on their half of the map that automatically shoot at any hostiles that enter into range. Destroying all the towers along a lane to push into an enemy’s base is critical to great Dota play. Complications occur, when a lane is cleared and there is a breach to the base’s outer defenses. Two critical structures sit at the end of each lane, called barracks.