Dota Hero Selection Guide

silencer1.      Potentials of Heroes Firstly, the selections of heroes is based on the potential for causing trouble to the opposition team. Understanding and recognising what each hero is capable of is essential. As an example Pugna, can push unguarded towers quickly because of his Blast. Alchemist, when farmed up, can turn into a very painful and hard to kill monster. Knowledge of what heroes are capable of coincides with Hero Counters. 2.     Hero Counters Hero countering is extremely important. Using Pugna along with Jakiro to defend towers is substantial. Slardar used to reduce Alchemist’s armour late game. Some may be effective some will fail. What is important is that the failure learned from, that each error is recognised and that new plans made to capitalise on the mistake. 3.     Laning Laning is essential. Determining how to win lanes is paramount to successful leadership. Knowing how to dominate a lane is critical but also, to know how to survive is just as important.