DOTA 2 TI3 Teams: LGD.Int

lgd int teamDOTA 2 The International 3 Teams: LGD.Int Today we get to know the other LGD team … no, not that one, typically we’re talking about LGD. Int, the team that was formed not long after the second International as the first Western team which would go live and contend in China under the banner of a Chinese organization. They will be followed tomorrow by the second invited team from North America, Team Liquid. Following the second International there was a feeling in the West that the Chinese were as far ahead as they had ever been, and that the only way to compete with them was to go to China and practice with them completely. It was for this objective that Per Anders ‘Pajkatt’ Olsson Lille, Captain of CLG at the time, commenced talking to the Chinese teams, looking for an organization that would be willing to take a chance on taking over a Western team. That organization would be LGD Gaming, who made a chance on the group of players Pajkatt