DOTA 2 TI3 Teams: Invictus Gaming

invictus gamingDOTA 2 The International 3 Teams: Invictus Gaming The last but certainly not the least team which we get to introduce to you is probably the team that needs the very least introduction, as they triumphed last years The International and proceeded to dominate the Chinese scene for much of last year and the beginning of this. However, Invictus Gaming have recently come upon hard times, and it is in the midst of this confusion that we now try to understand what we can expect of the team at this year’s event. The iG we know today was created from the merger of iG.Z and iG.Y in late November of 2011, after a failed showing by iG.Z at the first International, coming in joint 5th place, a far cry from what was expected of a team which had been acquired as part of a supposed 6 million USD acquisition of Chinese powerhouses Catastrophic Cruel Memory and four of the five players of mighty LGD of 2010. As part of the merger players of the ability of Zhang ‘xiao8’ Ning and Leong ‘DDC’ Fatmeng.