Dota 2: Basic Guide

dark seerDotA is a match concerning teamwork, getting encounter, and gaining gold. Ultimately, you want to destroy the opponent team’s throne. The throne is deep inside their foundation and to obtain there, you need to oppress adversary creeps, adversary towers, and adversary heroes. There are basic units (creeps) generated every 30 secs from each of the 3 lanes. For most of the match, there are 3 melee creeps and 1 ranged creep. Routinely a Launch is included, and eventually in the game there are even more melee and ranged creeps. Creeps also gradually acquire max hp over the program of the game. At very early levels, your heroes are incredibly fragile and may unclear creep waves and towers on your own. To obtain stronger you require products. To get items you require money you acquire gold for obtaining the last hit on the heroes or creeps. When you land the final blow on an enemy creep (last hit or lh) you receive a random amount of gold for the kill (about 35-45 gold every creep).