DK to compete at MLG Columbus

mlgThe last team to be competing at the upcoming MLG Columbus has been released, it is non other than the newly rebuilded and currently most hyped team around, cn DK. This is quite the landmark in the competitive Dota 2 scene, considering teams from China have rarely taken a trip outside of Asia to participate in the past. DK will be the second team to do so after cn EHOME who took part in ESWC 2011. The Association of Chinese eSports (ACE) have generously reschedule DK’s matches in the WPC-Ace League to accomodate DK’s wish to take part in MLG Columbus. However DK will be on a very tight schedule before and after MLG, having to play matches before to and after their travels. There is also the issue of jetlag that the players will experience. However MLG’s Executive Vice President, Adam Apicella, have made it known that they are looking to postpone DK’s matches so that they get some rest right before playing.