Crystal Maiden

crystal maidenBorn in a temperate realm, raised with her intense older sister Lina, Rylai the Crystal Maiden soon ascertained that her innate affinity to ice created problems for all those around her. Wellsprings and mountain rivers froze in seconds if she stopped to rest nearby; ripened crops would by frostbitten, and orchards of fruit turned to ice and spoiled. When their exasperated parents packed Lina off to the equator, Rylai found herself evicted to the cold northern territory of Icewrack, where an Ice Wizard who had sculpt himself a hermitage at the crown of the Blueheart Glacier took her in. After long lessons, the wizard proclaimed her ready for solitary practice and left her to take his place, descending into the glacier to lie dormant for a thousand years. Her mastery of the Frozen Arts has only intensified since that time, and now her skills are unrivalled.   ABILITIES   Crystal Nova A burst of damaging frost slows enemy movement and attack rate in the targeted area.