CEVO Announces Third Season

cevo 3The upcoming season of CEVO has unlocked its doors for registration. Newbie teams in North America and abroad are urged to register their teams for the Open Division competition which will be open until October 17th. The league will run side-by-side with an upper tier Main division for 8 weeks. CEVO, also known as Cyber Evolution, has been in existence since 2003. Recently, the organization came about with a heavy Counter-Strike 1.6 following since it’s anti cheat system that it required players to use while in game. Ten years later, they have returned with a mission to make a mark on the North American Dota 2 community. I am excited to see the progress we have made for Dota2 in CEVO during the past year. With our biggest event yet in Season 3, we can only imagine the growth and level of competition we can achieve in the future. We at CEVO would like to thank all of those who participate in our events and we hope you all have fun and hopefully earn some cash/hardware.