Alienware Laptop

dota4-300x290(Space Black Anodized Aluminum) 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful. Worth the premium price By Rufus T. Barleysheaf I’ve known about Alienware for years now, but had only ever known one person who owned one. I knew the reputation, I knew the look, I knew the reviews. So I replaced my 17″ VAIO with this behemoth. Let’s review. FIRST: Sleek, black, huge, heavy – for a laptop. But this is not the kind of laptop to tuck under your arm and lug around the office; you set it down and PLAY. Same goes for the power supply – the thing is comically over-sized. I felt like a hobbit holding it! But with a need for 250W, it has to be that way. SOUND: Without a doubt, the best and richest sound I’ve ever heard out of a laptop. Bass is strong, the treble powerful. No tinny, cruddy speakers, these. HEAT: The advantage to all of that aluminum is excellent heat dissipation. Also, there are dual air intakes and dual exhausts in the back, directing the heat away from you.