Agility Hero Strategy

phantom lancerWarcraft III has created one of the best games ever in the form of Defense of the Ancients. This game is played by having a player choose a specific hero and they defend their bases. Each hero has its own unique skill which makes the game very challenging. You have to come up with strategies to help you win the game because each hero is different and you will have to learn to exploit the weaknesses of the specific hero to win the game. One of the best agility heroes in Warcraft III DOTA is the Phantom Lancer.

The Phantom Lancer is a hero that not many people use because it can be a bit challenging to use at first but it can be a really powerful hero as the game progresses. The hero starts off with low HP and Mana when the game starts. This can be a problem at least during the first ten minutes of the game but if you were able to get some money to buy items, you can easily be one of the strongest heroes in the game. Some people equip the Phantom Lancer with a Vanguard so that it can take more damage but the experienced players skip this weapon and go for the more offensive items like the Butterfly, Radiance or Monkey King Bar.

For novice players, a Vanguard might be the better option because it will give you more life and more resistance to attacks. A Linken’s sphere is also a great alternative because it also adds Mana which will allow you to cast more Spirit Lance to inflict damage to the opponents. For more experienced players though, the strategy is to upgrade the Doppelwalk skill first and the Juxtapose for defensive purposes. They forgo upgrading the Spirit Lance in the early stages of the game. This might cost them some kills but the payoff is especially when you have the butterflyand everyone else has cheap items.

phantom lancer juxtaposePlaying the Phantom Lancer is all about balance. If you choose to upgrade Spirit Lance first, you will be sacrificing defense which means you will need a defensive item first. You will be unable to use the Doppelwalk effectively because the Mana cost of the skill at low levels is more than what you can afford. The Juxtapose skill is very important because it creates an illusion of you that can fool the enemies. Upgrading the Spirit Lance and Doppelwalk first is not advisable because your Mana supply is limited and it will be a huge challenge to try and farm with skills that is limited by your low Mana.

phantom lancer spirit lanceWhen you get to upgrade your ultimate skill which is the Phantom Edge, farming is made easier because your illusion can create illusions too. This means that you can go on and farm by yourself even with minimal items because your illusions can take the damage for you. This will also make you very hard to kill because your enemies will get confused which one is the real hero. If there are more heroes than you can handle, you can just Doppelwalk your way out of trouble.

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