Record Money Winnings in Online Pokies for Real Cash and DotA

Many professional gamers and gamblers do not only have fun, but also earn large sums of money when playing their favorite entertainments. A host of DotA and online real money pokies players became multimillionaires after they won tournaments and hit progressive jackpots. Below, we will review some of the biggest cash prizes people have ever earned throughout the course of computer gaming history.

DotA and Online Pokies for Real Money Winners

DotA2 Top Prizes

In 2009, Valve Corporation started the development of an Internet battle arena entertainment, which is known as DotA 2 today. There are many tournaments held in different corners of the world with many professional and amateur gamers participating in them. Most contests have two stages: Qualifiers, where teams compete against each other to get the chance to take part in the competition; and the Main Event, where the qualified groups fight for a championship title.

There is also another classification that includes the Premiers, Minors, and Majors with the International as the main annual event in eSports. The latter comes with the biggest prize pools. Shaahil Arora, Peter Dager, and Clinton Loomis are three professional American gamers who snatched the largest sums of money one has ever earned over the history of this multiplayer game.

$2,629,645.24 by Saahil Arora

Saahil Arora, who is also famous by his nickname as Universe, currently lives in California. He has participated in 54 tournaments and has won money prizes with a total value of $2,629,645.24. Today, his name is in the first place of the DotA 2 top player leaderboard.

$2,602,008.62 Pool of Peter Dager

With a winning of $2,602,008.62 earned from 56 competitions, Peter Dager took the second place on the top player tournament bracket. He began his eSports career with Heroes of Newerth and joined DotA only at the end of 2013. The last event in which he participated was the International 2016. Today, he is a former player who holds a managerial position in the Evil Geniuses and Twitch gaming organizations.

Clinton Loomis’ Reward of $2,381,799.79

Clinton Loomis, who is also famous as Fear retired from the game this year. After the International 2016, he ended his career as a professional gamer and became the Geniuses team’s coach. A total amount of money he has earned from 58 tournaments is $2,381,799.79. This winning allowed him to take the third place in the DotA 2 top player leaderboard.

Online Slots Winners

On the Internet, people can play their favorite slots and get monetary winnings. There are classic, five- and more reel, video, and progressive pokies. The latter comes with the record prizes on offer. Further, we will discuss three top-rated jackpot winners with the largest sums of money. While DotA players are recognized by the real names, in casinos, gamblers prefer to keep their anonymity. Therefore, others know them only by the nicknames.

Winners in DotA and Online Pokies for Real Money

World Record of €17,861,800

On January 20, 2013, a man from Finland wagered 25 cents on the five-reel progressive jackpot pokies Mega Fortune developed by Net Entertainment. This bet allowed the Fin to set a world record and to receive a reward with a value of €17,861,800 that is something around twenty-four million dollars.

£13.2 Million Win in The UK

There is no secret that Mega Moolah from Microgaming is one of the most rewarding progressive pokies found on the Web. In 2015, a young British soldier was lucky enough to win the £13,213,838.68 fortune with this game while wagering 25p per a spin round.

Norwegian €11,736,375 Prize

On September 24, 2011, a Northman became a multimillionaire on his sleepless night. He played the Mega Fortune progressive slot machine from Net Entertainment that allowed him to win a record-breaking money prize with a value of €11,736,375.