Online Real Money Pokies with DotA Features

Nowadays we can enjoy a huge variety of different game brands and types. So it’s no surprise that some popular entertainments have a big influence on the gaming market and also create trends for other competitive projects.

The Defense of the Ancients (and World of Warcraft) have become worldwide games which appeal to millions of people. So it seems obvious that even gambling amusements will adopt some of features. That’s why casino customers can easily find online pokies real money that contain some of DotA’s unique characteristics. Game makers have added them in the hopes of attracting risk lovers to their online casinos.

DotA and Online Pokies for Real Money

Game of Strategy

As in many other playing entertainments, there are some strategies that can help you win, or at least make your experience more successful, when gambling in slots. There are some similarities between online pokies and DotA that one should take into account: the necessity of learning the rules ahead of time, discovering tricky conditions, understating how rounds work, and planning for possible consequences.

Whether you are an experienced player or a newcomer, it is better to pay close attention to all these features, since this will help you develop a plan of action that can bring you winnings more frequently.

Tournaments for Real Money

If you want to find a special event for DotA players, use the wiki dedicated to this game.There is a list of different tournaments for real money, which give an opportunity to win up to millions of dollars. Naturally, venturing games haven’t ignored this trend; they are creating tournaments as well. You may come across slot competitions which also offer incredible rewards.


Sit-and-go contests begin when the needed number of players gathers (usually it takes 5 minutes or so) and last about an hour. This is a widespread and popular amusement, as it requires just a small fee to enter but provides the opportunity to earn big prizes.


A private tournament is held by a particular casino house, and only customers of that gambling room are allowed to take part in these events.


There are also scheduled gambling competitions. These usually have a particular start time and date, so customers need to register beforehand if they want to participate.

Ancient Themed Online Pokies

Web pokies are a very popular kind of gambling entertainment; therefore there are a lot of variations that you may come across in different staking houses. All slots have some special appearance or theme, with particular characters, plot, gameplay interface and so on. For example, one of the most widespread game types is Ancient-themed Internet machines. As the atmosphere of old times is so appealing, many providers implement such design into their gaming products.
Real Money Online Pokies and DotA

Microgaming Developer

Microgaming has been creating gambling content for more than 20 years, and it now has the reputation of being the trusted and reliable provider. Internet spinning machines made by this company are beloved by customers, especially such ones as Arctic Fortune and Avalon, which are video slots with 5 reels and a medieval atmosphere.

Playtech Provider

Another well-known provider which creates cool staking amusements is Playtech. This company can be considered the biggest soft supplier in the world. It has high-quality projects which fascinate users with their graphics, cute sounds and songs, easy gameplay and convenient features.

Among these, Age of Gods Series and Elektra are definitely worth trying. They are both 5-reel video slots, but the first one has a Greek mythology theme of ancient gods, and the second one is based on Marvel comics.

BetSoft Supplier

BetSoft is a supplier that offers staking products with outstanding 3D graphics and unique design. If you want to enjoy games with ancient elements, try playing Gladiator or Pharaoh King.

Supported Platforms

Fortunately, if you want to enjoy a particular machine, you’ll have no trouble using it on any device. Nowadays almost all gadgets and platforms are compatible with these games.

Desktop Versions

If you’re a fan of the reliable PC, there are options for all common operating systems. Providers consider all player preferences to create products compatible with most computers. So you have the option to install a web casino as a program, or play it instantly through your browser.


As this OS is not very commonly used, it still has fewer options than others do. However, since Linux is not a closed system like Windows and especially Mac, more developers are becoming interested in creating online casino software for this platform.


Windows is the most widespread OS on PCs nowadays. That is why its users have the best opportunities and range of choice of gambling entertainments, including various ancient-designed pokies.


Until recently, it was difficult to find online amusements that were compatible with Apple computers. But this operating system has become more popular for gambling software providers. So if you have OS X, don’t worry about not being able to find a suitable game for you—there are plenty of them.

Mobile Slots

For mobile users, there are also cool opportunities. Most of the manufacturers have been working hard to create a version of their slot games for smartphones and tablets, as more people want to access their favorite pokies on the go at any time. You can even choose which way to play: by downloading an application or accessing the game instantly.

With the invention of HTML5 technology, it has become easier to play in the web gambling houses right in the browser on your phone. This has increased the number of supported devices, and therefore almost every staking house now offers a mobile version for its customers.

Online Pokies for Real Money and DotA Similarities


There are hundreds of slot games available for Android users. One can find them either on the website of the chosen staking room or in the online store (Google Play Market). You just have to press download and in a few moments it will be installed on your device.


As the popularity of iPhone can’t be underestimated, it is not a surprise that a huge variety of real money pokies are compatible with this brand. To download one of them just go to the AppStore and install the needed application.