Live Streaming Option for High Roller Casinos and DotA Players

Modern technologies open the door for many interesting options. Developers do not miss their chances to upgrade some old products and spread the usage of it in different countries. One of the newest features is a possibility to play solely as well as to participate in high roller casinos and DotA competitions in a live regime.

DotaA Tournaments

The entertainment itself does not provide any possibility to earn some cash. For the purpose to attract more people and to develop the skills of DotaA players, programmers settled some paid battles between different teams. It ranges from the “International championships” with $20 million prize to some day-to-day leagues in China for amateurs and early professionals.
DotA and High Roller Casinos Live Streaming

Video Connection

In order to follow the event, people can use different web-sites, special programs, official clients or, simply, buy the ticket and watch the performance in the real life. It’s a task for the organizations of the tournaments to ensure that everyone will have an ability to enjoy the contest using any device or gadget.

The most popular mean is YouTube, which is available almost everywhere. The other tools are WatchESN, Twitch and Steam Broadcasting. New project is a DotaTV Streaming for each important championship.

Steam Chat

During the actual battle, there different chats exist. The first one is open for every person. So, you can comment the game, advice some strategies, make remarks and just express the feelings. Moderators may not accept the post, they can even restrict the possibility to make notes for a particular account. The other one is for the team. It’s a secret conversation for the members of the crew to make common movements against the enemy.

High Roller Casinos with Live Dealer

Casinos for high rollers offer amusements in live regime more frequently that others due to their special status. It offers the possibility to feel like in a real land-based casino from any place in the world. A good internet connection will help to see the human dealer in front of the camera, who will perform the same as in reality. Many soft providers give this option, such as Microgaming, Playtech, RTG, etc.

Starts in a Studio

Live Video in High Roller Casinos and DotA
A live mode does not mean the ability to see, what’s happening in the casino. This feature is really restricted and expensive for the owners. There should be at least 3 rooms to put all the systems and combine many elements.

In the room with the dealer (who is usually wearing the clothes of the software brand) must be also a high quality camera, a wheel for some special entertainments, a monitor, to know what the client can see, and the Game Control Unit, which is located on the table and indicates about the situation with the streaming.

Multiple Cameras

Some particular amusements require more than one mechanism to broadcast. It helps to inspire trust for the high roller. For instance, an average roulette needs 3 separate cameras. One of them is settled especially for the table, the other is for the wheel and the third one for the picture-in-picture display.

Audio Chat

Software providers go further, they upgrades a real mode with new elements. The most crucial one enables to communicate with opponents or with the dealer by typing on the keyboard. Your competitors can only answer in a written form. However, the croupier will reply orally. There is no strict prohibition regarding the topics.