DotA Gameplay Elements in Online High Roller Casinos

Today, more and more people are joining the world of online games, and the popularity of these amusements is growing at a fast pace. There’s also an increasing number of entertainments one can play on the Internet. Existing games tend to influence each other and thus share some similar elements. Here, we will try to compare DotA and high roller casinos.

DotA Style High Roller Casinos

Online Gameplay with Humans

When playing on the Web, gamers can interact with other humans in real time. This social aspect has contributed to the growing popularity of these entertainments. When it comes to DotA, the players can take part in various team events, as well as tournaments such as World Cyber Arena and the Boston Major where they will contend for enormous money prizes this December. As for high roller casinos, there are also many competitions organized for gamblers wagering large sums of money. Moreover, there are live dealer betting houses, with a real croupier.

High Roller Tournaments

There are many types of high roller casino tournaments which vary from one betting house to another. All of them come with specific features and are organized differently. Sit & go competitions are popular among new members, as they don’t cost a lot to join, last less than one hour, and start as soon as a table is full. Scheduled ones are appointed in advance. They feature an entry fee and require a particular number of players. Casino lovers can also set up private games that are perfect for a group of friends who want to compete with each other.

High Roller Casinos with DotA Style

Live Dealer Play

At some online high roller casinos, gamblers get access to a number of live dealer games such as baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. During a session, they can watch a human croupier dealing real cards at a table at a land-based studio. Moreover, they have an opportunity to communicate with him or her as well as other players in a real-time environment. The same is true with DotA, where gamers interact with each other via a chat box or microphone.


In live blackjack, a dealer tells players when they can bet. As soon as all are done, he or she handles the cards, and the thrill seekers start playing as they would do in a regular casino, using the same strategies but through a software interface.


This game is one of the most popular online gambling entertainments for beginners because of its simple rules and lack of strategies. The main difference between a regular version and a live one lies in the dealing. Gamblers still bet through a user interface, and winnings are credited through it as well, while a croupier handles the rest.


In live roulette, as soon as the participants place their bets, a real dealer spins the wheel, drops the ball, and waits for it to stop. Once the winning number becomes known, the lucky ones receive their rewards on their player accounts.

VIP Players

The social aspect is an essential part of online games, and real people are major figures in gameplay. Like in DotA, at high roller casinos, gamblers strive to win authority and earn a good reputation by developing special skills. For their loyalty and skill, players can receive VIP status along with exclusive bonuses and specials.


When registering, new members have to enter their nicknames or usernames. Since these names will later appear on all tournament leaderboards and top lists, players have to be scrupulous about choosing them. Their monikers should be fun and memorable so that people can easily recognize each other later.

Personal Profile with Gameplay History

To open a player account and to choose the DotA hero only a nickname is required. In high roller casinos, new users must also provide their personal information, such as address, birth date, email, telephone number, and so forth. As soon as their profiles are created, online entertainment lovers get access to their gameplay history, where all wins and losses will be recorded.

Bonus Encouragements

To encourage clients to play more and better, software suppliers offer them various incentives. In DotA, these include runes that give gamers’ heroes additional power effects such as increased movement speed, high HP and regeneration, extra gold and experience, and so forth. At high roller casinos, there are deposit and no deposit bonuses divided into several types.

High Limit Casinos with DotA Features

Welcome Packages

These bonus packages are given to new members as soon as they open their player accounts and make their first deposits.

Free Spins

These promotions usually hit the players’ account the moment they upload a minimal amount of money required, but sometimes they come as a bonus round in the middle of the game. The number of the offered free spin may vary from 10 to 100 and depends on the terms and conditions attached to the package.

Free Time

Free time gifts encourage new members to gamble and to test new games using the casino’s chips for a limited period. These offers usually come as one-hour free play bonuses that allow players to win real money without risking their funds.

Match Promotions

Internet betting houses also offer their clients monetary incentives for ongoing deposits to thank them for their loyalty. One of these is a match program. This proposal gets its name from the fact that a casino regularly matches some percentage of the money uploaded by high rollers sums into their accounts. For example, in case of a match of 100%, if one deposits $100 one will get an extra $100 and have $200 total. To get and use the bonus, gamblers need to enter a promo code.