iPhone Versions of Online Real Money Pokies and DotA

Apple developers always strive to broaden the limits of their gadgets. Today their smartphone is not only a digital personal assistant, but the source of real income and true entertainment. The lucky iPhone owners are privileged with the best choice of real cash pokies online.

The casino experience is available in the instant and downloadable versions, while often, they are designed specifically for this operational system and guarantee full graphics and audio satisfaction.

Another vast part of the AppStore presents the most innovative gaming applications. The most demanded ones refer to the popular DotA and DotA2 releases. These are top rated multiplayer games in the real-time mode that have become known in 2003 and continue to gain popularity.

Downloading from AppStore

Appstore is a unique and authentic storage of all programs for iPhones. Here one easily finds the needed app by checking the categories or searching in the designated field. The process of obtaining the desired program requires only clicking on the download icon and entering the password.

Important to note is that some are completely free, others require purchase or payment for the additional features. Also, their availability depends on the region. For instance, Picker for DotA 2 exists for the Russian market, but it can be restrained in the other ones.

DotA Programs

The developer named IceFrog became a legend as he took over the further development of the game in 2005. The highly technological improvements of the actual DotA and creation of DotA2 allowed multiple variations of this fascinating and definitely skill based experience.

Due to its complexity, mobile version does not exist yet. However, Apple users have numerous programs within the store that guide and inform the gamers of the latest news, tournament, heroes’ description, etc. We will uncover the most recommended ones below.

DotA2 Metrics


This application is a great tool to learn about your best heroes, KDA ratio, recent tournaments and other statistics within the important aspects of the game. After its download, copy URL from your public Steam profile and paste it in the app. Also, allow the DotA client to share your data to the third party.

Companion for DotA2

It is a perfect asset for the beginners as here one can learn about strategies and skills of the various heroes. Even experienced fans can discover some new characters. Since this program is chargeable (0.99$), you can try it out for free before purchasing.

Essentials for DotA2

This program allows accessing lots of DotA2 coverage and statistics. Its well-thought navigation layout easily brings you to the heroes database or your recent games. Plus, it is completely free.

Slot Apps for iPhone


Indisputable popularity of the iOS gadgets attracts the best slot developers to introduce specific Apple products. The world’s software leaders offer their best pokies with unique bonuses for the iPhone holders.

  1. Microgaming – has the widest spectrum of slots and releases new ones almost monthly.
  2. Playtech – innovative company that was the first to introduce the betting app for the Apple watch.
  3. NetEnt – Swedish manufacturer that produces unique pokies with a very high RTP.

Browser Based Pokies for Apple Phones

Instant slots became more appealing to the iPhone owners due to HTML5 platform. It is favored by the majority of suppliers and gamblers due to the high compatibility and special features. A lot of non-downloadable slot machine providers will allow you to play without payment and, sometimes, registration before making up the final decision.