Most Popular High Roller Casinos and DotA Games

Even though, they have many different objects and strategies, these types of amusements have become really popular. Developers are making new games for the high roller casinos as well as new maps for DotA, including many modern features, aspects and characteristics, which attract even more people.

Chоosing between DotA and DotA2

Game Variations of DotA and High Roller Casinos
Doubtless, the best form is the Allstars, which Steave Feak made in 2005. However, only 2 official versions of DotA exist. The first one (2003) took the base of the Aeon of Strife and was ungraded many times. The release of the second one happened on the 9th of July 2013. DotA 2 brought many changes and added new components concerning heroes. For instance, Windrunner has more smooth arrows, Viper is much stronger, Kunkka became incredibly powerful etc.

Entertainments for High Limits

The advantage to play in casino for whales is that they have a range of possibilities: tables, slots with different options, live mode, etc. DotA players do not have so, as their crucial method is a strategy, who will build it better – this one will win.

Games Based on Skills

Such category includes high limit games with minimum of luck. If you intend to get huge prizes and become a processional in this field, look for relevant materials, books and video about people’s approaches. Try to calculate the approximate numbers or elements in the next spin, to think ahead, to predict the dealer’s hand.


Twenty-one is a business card of gambling house entertainments. The aim is to get 21. Face cards have 10 points each and ace has 1 or 11. Depending on the region, there are many options with some changes regarding the rules: Spanish 21, Super Fun 21, Double Attack Blackjack, etc.

Video Poker

Simply, it is a computerized version of the well-known poker. Notwithstanding, the rules are a bit different. A gambler gets 5 cards, where he can change some into others. If the received hand helps to create a relevant combination, it leads to the reward. Deuces version offers wild cards, Bonus poker grants the RTP rate of 99,2%.

Slots – Only Luck Is Needed

High Roller Casinos and DotA Game Types
Some amusements require just a good fortune. Due to the RNG, it is quite impossible to predict the next symbol on the screen. Irrespective to the type (5-reel, 3-reel, bonus round, quantity of paylines), there is no way to understand the logic of the program. Some people believe in cold and hot machines, nonetheless, it is only a theory.

Mixed Types

Developers took a risk and tried to create some new projects for high rollers, which, in fact, have features of other games in this area. The purpose for each potential player is to find, which elements are taken from the famous prototypes. It will give an answer, whether is it relevant to think about strategy or not.


This French word describes a popular way of spending time in online casino. There is a small ball and the wheel, which is divided into 37/38 pieces and presented in red or in black colors. You need to make a right guess. About kinds: French, European and American (with double zero) and Californian roulettes exist.


This table entertainment has only 2 parts: a player and a dealer. The winner is the one with higher cards. Only 3 main forms prevail over the others. The North American option based on a pure luck, no skills required. The “chemmy” and the baccarat “banque” give possibilities to choose and to build a strategy.