3 Main Game Stages in Online Real Money Pokies and DotA

If you just start playing online real cash pokies and it is puzzling to figure out what to do, you may use the previous experience with DotA. Even though those two entertainments come from completely different “worlds”, game stages in Defense of the Ancient can determine your further steps in slots.

Generally, there are 3 main phases in both gameplays: laning, middle, and late. By learning what they are and what you should do, you will significantly increase your chances to win.

Online Pokies for Real Money and DotA Game Phases

DotA Laning Stage

The first stage in DotA is not about running and attacking. It is about strategizing, preparing, and collecting needed resources. Players share that this time is better to spend on gaining the experience and old by killing creeps. It is also important to be in one of the 3 lanes in order to make your gain even more efficient. In the pokies there is also those preparations with lanes and money.

Making First Deposit

As we have discussed earlier, pokies are closely related to money. You not only earn or win it; you also need to make the first deposit before you even start playing. This initial investment can come as a direct payment from your account or as a bonus cash an amusement offers. According to the rules it’s forbidden to skip this process.

Online Pokies Payline Selection

The next step you will take while playing pokies for money online is choosing the number of coins, their value, and the number of lines. You clearly see how it is connected to the first stage of DotA. Any slot machine will have X number of paylines (from 1 to 100 or even more) that you may pick up from. The fact you should remember is that you will only earn money for the payline you have bet on.

Mid Game

The majority of players say that mid game is the most exciting part of the whole DotA process. On this stage players destroy towers, kill characters, and earn gold. This phase is where all of the action happens and where users can fully embrace themselves. The same is with pokies: we press the ‘spin’ button, play bonus rounds and wait for the outcome.

Bonus Rounds in Slots

For the most adventurous gamblers, providers usually offer additional bonus rounds that can increase a chance of winning some really good cash. Such encouragement unlocks in the process of regular play, after you have spun a wheel a set number of times or you have collected certain symbols. Details are determined by each particular online entertainment.
 Game Stages in DotA and Real Money Online Pokies

Late DotA Stage

Like any other game, DotA also has its logical ending and the final goal. In this case it is destroying a throne, after which a team may become an ultimate winner. It is humble and honorable, but when you win in pokies, you also get really big money, or even a jackpot. This is a huge advantage and motivation to play slots.

Progressive Jackpot

Nowadays, many online real pokies have progressive jackpots that are very attractive, because their amounts usually reach a couple of million dollars. Such great sum appears with a small percentage of every bet made over a certain period of time. Microgaming, NetEnt, RTG providers offer the most exemplary dynamic prizes on the market. The process of winning is not really any different from a usual play, except the sum you may actually take home is much larger.