What Figures Can Influence The Gameplay of High Roller Casinos and DotA

Popular online games such as DotA and high limit casinos not only deliver fun but also serve as a good source of income. To become a successful gambler or gamer, you should utilize various strategies along with developing your quantitative skills. This is due to many stats, attributes and their values one should take into account when experiencing online entertainment.

Important DotA Stats

In DotA, players can choose among three main types of heroes. These are carries, solos, and supports. There are also classifications to roamers, junglers, and many others. All of them have different abilities and play styles. Moreover, there are 3 basic stats, and every character comes with a primary one that is much easier to gain as compared to the other two. Let see what abilities do these attributes determine?
Figeres in DotA and High Roller Casinos


This statistic is all about two physical skills, which are staying power and toughness of a hero. It also determines the max health and shows how fast it regenerates. Those characters coming with strength as their major stat are always of a great vitality. Therefore, they usually serve as tanks and initiators, attack, and bear the main damage from fights.


This one is referred to adroitness and determines damage reduction and attack speed of a hero. Even though those who have agility as their primal statistic are vulnerable from the very beginning, their abilities improve with every completed level, and they become very strong in the mid game. These characters usually take a ganker or a carry roles.


For intelligence points, players receive spell damage, mana, and mana regeneration. This stat refers to their wisdom and cleverness. Representatives coming with this statistic as their primary attribute often take roles of pushers, supports, and gankers. Relying on the healing power, they usually come to help others.

Casino Attributes for High Rollers

When choosing a high roller casino, one should always consider the following figures: return to a player percentage, hit frequency, and house edge. Understanding of these terms and knowing of their values help gamblers to opt for the games that offer the highest chances of winning.
High Roller Casinos and DotA Attributes


Every high roller betting house has its return to a player percentage. This attribute determines what portion of the wagered money a casino will pay back to gamblers over a time. To increase your chances of success, you should go for those options coming with the highest RTP value. For example, something in between 92-98% is a perfect choice for you.

House Edge

House edge is another important representative of online establishments. This term refers to an average profit a betting house receives from the wagered funds. The rest of this money is paid off to their clients and is determined by the RTP mentioned above. Those who want to win more should opt for the entertainments coming with the lowest HE.

Hit Frequency

All slot machines and VLTs come with its hit frequency as well. This term comes for the percentage of winning combinations that will pay players back. The higher the value of this attribute is, the lower your chances of losing your money are.