How to Earn with DotA and Online Real Money Pokies

In fact, one of the main reasons of DotA and real money pokies online popularity is the ability to earn the money. Earlier, it was only a way to have a rest or to avoid the routine. So, how can you combine the pleasure and a good source of income?

DotA Tournaments

DotA Tournaments
By its essence, the DotA game does not allow any possibilities to gain some cash, prizes, etc. The only chance is to participate in different tournaments and special events. However, it is dangerous, as sometimes the initial payment by a player is needed. So, firstly, obtain a relevant experience and enough practice.

The International DotA 2 Championship

The International DotA 2 competition is available for everyone to watch it in a real time. However, it is hard to get an access to play. Only 16 teams are presented and they will share more than $20 million among them. The first one will get around $10 million.

DotaA2 ACE Provisional

DotaA2 ACE Provisional is a temporary contest, which takes place in China in autumn. 26 crews are fighting for $63,000. All of them are divided into 2 groups of 13. The first 4 people will get to the playoff mode automatically. The ones with 5th-8th places will have to play against each other.

DotA 2 Professional League

This championship is one of its kind in China. 2 seasons are scheduled for 2016 with the total budget over $1,000,000. The premiere has been finished already, it consisted of 22 teams. The second one has 2 different leagues: the top and the secondary ones, 20 crews in total.

Online Pokies – Source of Income

One of many alternatives to avoid the usual boring life is to become a professional gambler (or just a lucky guy, who will accidentally win a giant prize). Software providers are creating new products each month with some modern features, like progressive jackpot, additional symbols or a network for the main sum.

Available Competition Types

Different kinds are made by the soft suppliers and independent developers. However, all of such tournaments are falling into one of the 3 groups. Most of them are scheduled at the precise time for many players. Others have a sit-and-go format. It starts, when a certain number (minimum standard) of gamblers are ready. The last category, private ones, represents especially small known groups.

Progressive Slots

What can inspire you more than a jackpot, which is growing permanently in the real time? There is no stable amount. Each player contributes to the main sum by an unfortunate try. Some companies build a chain of many different amusements in varieties of countries and continents to offer the highest reward ever.

High Roller Options

Online Pokies for Cash
They can wage more than $10,000 at once. There are exclusive championships for whales as well as a settled personal manager/assistant and absence of limits to withdraw or deposit cash with minimum fees. A common feature is also to give personalized presents for High Rollers.

Bonus Encouragements

Each stage in the entertainment process is characterized by many possible gifts. Usually, in the beginning, the amusement is offering the free spins and some free money. Then goes the sign up present for the registration on the special web-site. Afterwards, many symbols can grant additional cash or an ability to enter the bonus rounds. A new practice is to grant cash back, as a percent of the savings, which a player spent.