TPL Mjollnir Cup Results

The fifth installment of The Premier League, called the “Mjollnir Cup”, has come to an end, with three additional cups to go before the playoffs. Up for grabs was not just 100 points for the standings, but also The Alliance looking to make it their third TPL cup in a row. The next TPL Cup, called the “Daedalus Cup”, will take place in a bit more than a week, starting at 14:00 CEST on Wednesday, July 10th. Some highlights from the previous Mjollnir’s Cup [/ align] It was another tough week for Evil Geniuses, as after winning the first cup and then falling into a pattern of finishing third, this was the first cup in which they failed to make it through their opening match, as mousesports broke their two week drought of losing in the first round, they not only made it past EG but also ended up sending Quantic Gaming down into the third place decider this week, sa they made their way into the grand finals for the first time since their Reaver cup win.