Orange loses Dota team

orange teamIn a surprising action, my Orange’s remaining four players have all departed the Malaysian organization in spite of their great run at The International 2013. This makes Orange without a Dota team to call their own. The Malaysian quad will be moving to greener pastures under the tentatively named Team T \* as shown from the press release. Ever since the separation of my Yee Fung ‘Mushi’ Chai from Orange, fans have been guessing on the future of the team for quite some time now. Some assumed the players to stay on in Orange and bring in an ideal substitute while others expected some players to move to other teams. Not many would have expected them to leave the team outright.   According to the press release from Orange, the new organization is presenting twice as much as Orange but no numbers has been produced. Orange also implied that they will be rebuidling the team from scratch now that they are missing a Dota team.