Mechanics in DotA

The Mechanics of Dota 2 explain the internal workings of the game. These are fundamentals that are not necessary to play or even play well, but it may enhance a player’s understanding of Dota 2 and give them a greater opportunity to improve their play.   There are eight types of mechanics in the Defense of the Ancient (DOTA2)   The Eight Mechanics are: Selecting a unit Moving selected unit  Attacking  Using an item  Casting a spell  Buying an item from base  Buying an item from secret shop  Selling an item Along with these mechanics, there are both selling an item and buying an item from the secret shop. The Secret Shops are located near the centre of the map. One Secret Shop is in the forests between the top and middlelanes, on the Radiant side. The other is in the forests between the bottom and middle lanes, on the Dire side. Heroes may use either Secret Shop, regardless of their team. Items found at the Secret Shop are not found elsewhere.