DotA and Online Real Money Pokies from the Beginning till Now

Sounds impossible, however, there are lots of similarities between DotA and real money online pokies entertainments. History confirms that they have changed their faces totally since the inception. They do not remain the same look as earlier. Developers made many modifications and additions. Let’s look at the most fascinating moments of each of them.

DotA Development

Blizzard Ent created this map especially for Reign of Chaos (Warcraft III) and, then, for its extension, called The Frozen Throne. As the main programming group, it established the majority of the components of the amusement. Plus, it has different variations. The most popular one is “Allstars”, made by IceFrog in 2005.

Aeon of Strife

An initial version of the DotA (Defense of the Ancients) is, literally, a battle area. Eul made it in 2003 as a plot of StarCraft based on AoS system. Afterwards, Warcraft updated it many times in its second and third releases. Now, the former title is rarely used. However, true gamers still remember, where it all started.

Defense of the Ancients

DotA and Online Real Money Pokies History
The development was so fact that in 2004 mapmaker Guinsoo established 3rd, 4th and 5th versions. February 2015 brought more powerful updates till 6.xx. In fact, the attractiveness came with the high-structured map, icons with the great quality and descriptions. According to the scenario, a person has to choose one of the 112 heroes. However, as this entertainment has a spillover effect – each player can advise some amendments.


In autumn 2009, the company Valve hired a new employee – IceFrog. The same enterprise, which made an incredible contribution to the premier type. Next summer, all info about the registration of the new TM of DotA 2 will be spread. Consequently, in a few months, the world got a new product. The main idea is the same. Generally, it has the same standards and couple of new heroes. Plus, it includes profile tracking and Steam.

Online Real Money Pokies Path

Far in 1887, some unknown Charles Fey built the initial slot machine with 3 reels and only 5 different symbols. Flexible jackpots were created only 50 years ago, also in a land-based casino. There are so many options at present, like 3D effects, mobile applications, the range of bonuses, etc. Nowadays, playing via the Internet is becoming more attractive than going to a special licensed place.

Cash Splash By Microgaming

Prototypes of the online slots were shown in 1991. However, 1998 was the crucial year, due to a reveal of the progressive rewards and Cash Splash pokie. Microgaming is the co-creator of this notion. Today, we may mention some networks of such jackpots, which make the reward higher.

3D Variants

Common History of Online Real Cash Pokies and DotA
The human’s brain is used to recognize and realize 2D effects. The flow of technology increased the difficulty and made a new level with better animations and graphics. Betsoft produced this premier drafting around 10 years ago of the first 3D pokie ever. By now, it is the leader in this field. Microgaming, Real Gaming, and Playtech online slots are following it.

Mobile Versions

The existence of the smartphones created jobs for millions of people. The majority is working to ensure that all modern devices can run amusements. Simply download the application on the gadget or open a website of the software provider – and enjoy! The leaders are Microgaming and NetEnt, however, all famous developers are strong players on this market.