Hero Selection For Beginners

crystal maidenSelecting the right hero is vital and making a bad choice can result in a bad game. If you are a beginner it can be particularly confusing to make a good choice. The fact that there are so many heroes to choose from makes the task even more difficult. Choosing wrongly can leave your team at a disadvantage and give your opponents the edge. A hero with a good skill set is a necessity, however if you are a beginner you will also need to take into consideration your abilities and choose a hero that is easy for you to use. Each hero involved in a game has four different abilities in total. Three of these abilities are classed as normal and one is classed as being an ultimate ability. An ultimate ability is the strongest of the four abilities a hero has. Selecting simple to use heroes when you are new to DotA game play will give you the opportunity to ease into the game and learn some transferable skills. DotA 2 can be a difficult game at times even for advanced players.